Monday, November 29, 2004

Health v1 - General

Edit: Updated this article on December 8th, 2004

The Whole Foods Market has a very concise website about health and food education, including a list of ingredients that the company themselves refuses to allow the food products sold in their stores to contain. They term it "Quality Standards: Unacceptable food ingredients". Well, they're not acceptable to me, either.

Feingold has his own take on foods and additives. No wonder there's a load of content; America is filled with garbage

The battle against Trans Fats continues in America, while Canada and Europe are just about through with them. Maybe 2006 will be America's year. A Harvard article regarding fat science. Another article about monounsaturated fats

I don't eat Caffeine, so I use Yerba Matte when I need a pickup. Additionally, it is among the most healthiest teas in the world

A reference for food knowledge, mostly vegetarian. Another reference regarding the healthiest foods of the world

Last but not least, the Campaign to label genetically modified foods in America. Amazingly, most of the food sold in America contains genetically modified organisms. But, there is no standard to label them. Even though they can contain trans-species genes, rather than merely altered genes. Eat the GMOs all you want, but you have the right to do it knowingly.