Monday, February 28, 2005

Identity Theft and Credit

I've been doing a lot of research into *identity theft*.

My question is the following:
Q: How can I assure my identity is not stolen? What measures will hide my credit and identity information?

The only answer I have found is the following:
A: Not currently possible, due to the profiteering motivations of credit lending institutions which have lobbied the government to their will. It is up to the people to lobby the government to their will, and stop fraud opportunities. If you present yourself in a position to be stolen, you will be. It is currently impossible to remove yourself from a position of potential abuse. (Unless you live in California - see below)

However, I did find this
California alone has the capability to freeze your credit. If I lived in California, this is the first and only thing I would do - freeze my credit.

For obvious reasons (see: profiteering motivations) this is not inherent into the laws of the nation, but will be soon, from what I can tell.