Monday, February 21, 2005

Joe Strummer's Vote

An interview with Joe Strummer, former member of the Clash

Q: You've always shown a lot of interest in politics
in your lyrics. What's your political outlook

JS: OK, here's my new manifesto. I'm gonna pull out of
my pocket one vote. (takes out a dollar). 'He's gotta
dollar bill out of his pocket!' What I like to say to
anyone who could care to listen to me is that this is
our only vote. I'm saying that because we got democrat
votes and we voted in this guy two years ago (Tony
Blair) and he's become... what he was not supposed to
be. We can't get rid of him. Maybe we got a fifteen
year run with this guy. What can we do? Fold our tents
on the field. We'll lose the battle but not the war.

So it occured to me that since my real vote is
useless, null and void, therefore we ain't gonna start
runnin' down the street burnin' and a-lootin' either
'cause our ass is gonna get canned. So that leaves the
only vote anybody's got, this dollar bill. All I'm
trying to say is, when I wanna buy a record, I'm gonna
take my dollar bill and go to some corner guy with his
weird, kooky little shop. I'm not giving this to
Virgin Megastore. The same when I'm going to buy some
clothes- I ain't gonna go to Gap no more. I wanna go
to Ditsy Louie's Junk Clothing Box. I'm using my vote
here, this dollar bill is my vote. I'm not gonna go to
a fast food joint. I'm going to go to a place where
people own it, where the owner is standing behind the
bar, picking his teeth.

This is my new philosophy. Use your vote, your dollar
bill is your vote. It's time we stopped giving it in
the bucket-loads to these giants corporations. They're
not to be trusted with that amount of money. They're
only gonna bland us out, robot us out. They're gonna
crush us and pulverize us. All they want is our money.
They'd rather that we just sat on the pavement, saying
nothing and giving them dollar bills. That's what they
want to world to be while they have their cocaine and
champagne. The dollar bill is your only vote. That's
my new vibe.