Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Health v3 - The Food Pyramids

Is a pyramid no longer. The light! Glorious rays of color blinding me!

According to News-8 in Austin, Texas:

News 8 Austin - 1 hour ago
The old food pyramid has been transformed into a plan that better fits American lifestyles.

No, it has been transformed into subtle vegetarianism advocacy. This follows suit with the New American Plate, which empasizes "plant-based foods" (aka vegetarian) meals over meat-based meals. Not only is this better for sustaining humanity, but it's healthier. Just ask your doctor, or any credible published report in the matter.

The new pyramid does emphasize vegetarian health, but beans (aka legumes) are sadly grouped with meat and marginalized to the sparingly-edge. Isn't that cute. They don't outright say "stop eating meat" or to eat *anything* specific, as previous posts of mine have. They empasize the good news but don't provide a fininte diet or message. Fortunately, other groups have made the step and published their own pyramid:

And "legumes & beans" has been ressurected from the death category! Yay