Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Prevent the radical judiciary nominations - Sign now

We all know Bush is a tyrant and a radical activist puppet riding the
PNAC/Neocon/Traitor pony sending us to the clutches of Satan himself.
But now, he's trying to get his radical friends into lifelong positions
that don't involve stealing electionS in the future, including the
supreme court of America.

But what can you do? Check this: Sign petitions supporting to save the
200 year old checks'n'balances feature of the *fillibuster* which is the
only thing that has prevented Bush from getting these radicals into
position to date.

So, what do the traitors do? Spin the Terry Schiavo case to discredit
judges using treasonous phrases while trying to destroy the filibuster
in order to get the judges *they like* into office.

Interesting article here:
Senate Primed for Filibuster Showdown

Take action here:
The Senate Filibuster: Pillar of American Democracy

And here: Don't Let Republican Leadership "Go Nuclear" on Supreme Court

It's the right thing to do to help save America from fascism. If you
want to do more, sign on for email updates from www.afj.org,
www.pfaw.org, and *especially* www.commoncause.org