Saturday, June 18, 2005

Arrest Bush

Arrest George Bush.
Arrest all his fucking friends.
Arrest Dick Cheney.
Arrest Donald Rumsfeld.
Arrest Colin Powell.
Arrest Tommy Franks.
Arrest Condoleezza Rice.
Arrest Ari Flischer.
Arrest Scott McClellan.
Arrest Alberto Gonzalez.
Arrest fucking Karl Rove.
Arrest Paul Wolfowitz.
Arrest Tom DeLay.
Arrest Bill Frist.
Arrest Tony Blair.
Arrest Christopher Meyer.
Arrest George Tenet.
Arrest John Bolton.
Arrest all the wizards of war behind the curtain.
Send them all to jail.
Send the troops home.
Send an apology to the relatives of the dead soldiers.
Send an apology to the UN.
Send an apology to the Iraqi people.
Send an apology to American residents.
Send John Conyers a thank-you letter.
Send Cindy Sheehan a medal of honor.
Send justice back to Washington.
Send checks & balances back to Washington.
Send integrity back to America.
Send the god damn troops home.
Send the fucking war criminals to jail.
Send the treasonous cover-up congressional scumbags to jail.
Send the lying traitors to jail.
Let them rot in their sin and blood.
Let America participate with the UN to form a multinational peacekeeping coalition that will restore integrity to the Iraqi people and work towards ending the disparity and greed that is plaguing our troops, the world, and the middle east today.

Note: This is not an endorsement for revolt or any illegality to be committed. It is my opinion in light of the downing street minutes which state simply "the facts are being fixed around the policy" of military invasion. If we were lied to, justice needs to be provided for the sake of America, Iraq, and Britain.

Article on downing street memo:
Downing Street Memo a Growing Problem for Bush

Coalition of hundreds of groups & organizations pursuing investigation of the memo: