Saturday, June 18, 2005

Governor Hate

The snake is out of the basket. And oh how he slithers. Mitt Romney has shown his true color: and it isn't red, white or blue, but a deep opaque black. Black like the hate-filled heart of a person who would be opposed to a pro-family and pro-children measure like equal marriage rights so much to endorse a constitutional amendment banning equality from millions of Americans united by love to build a family.

Mitt had hidden his evil as best he could from our great state as long as he desired, and now with goals that send his cold claws beyond New England, his mouth has opened and the vile breath of hatred pours from the state house of Massachusetts with wanton respect for women's suffrage, children's hopes for love and education, ethnic diversity and public education through pointed initiatives over the course of his governing.

This is legislation born out of hatred and fear - and I for one am disgusted. How about working to improve the state? We have real issues like racism, unaffordable housing, violence, homelessness, unemployment, .. all neglected by an agenda of hatred born from a Culture of Fear. It is high time we residents drove a political stake through the black heart of the Romney vampire before he drains the blood of another constituency elsewhere. Jesus teaches peace and acceptance, and Satan teaches you to fear and hate your neighbor. Clearly, Mitt Romney has chosen whom he endorses from those two choices. I encourage you to go to confession, sir, because you have sinned.

Try not to invade Vermont on your way out - all you'll find is weapons of mass peace and bombs of forgiveness.