Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You do not deserve our support, Mr. Bush

"FORT BRAGG, N.C., June 28 - President Bush, facing a growing restiveness around the country and in his own party over the constant stream of casualties in Iraq, declared Tuesday night that the daily sacrifice of American lives in Iraq "is worth it, and it is vital to the future security of our country.""
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Just like your sacrifice during the time of need in the conflict with Vietnam? Oh that's right, you slithered your way right out of that sacrifice. How do you know what is worth anything, fortunate son? The only time you went to Iraq was to wave a plastic turkey around for some photographers.

You do not know shit about sacrifice. You shit on the poor, and give to the rich. Is that your definition of sacrifice? Given a war of lies with no connection to a national security threat or terrorism, your definiton is very much in line with your historical backstabbing and fallout from service.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005; Page A20

PRESIDENT BUSH sought last night to bolster slipping public support for the war in Iraq by connecting it, once again, to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and to the war against terrorism. That connection is not spurious, even if Saddam Hussein was not a collaborator of al Qaeda: Clearly Iraq is now a prime battlefield for Islamic extremists, and success or failure there will do much to determine the outcome of the larger struggle against them. But Mr. Bush didn't explain how a war meant to remove a tyrant believed to wield weapons of mass destruction turned into a fight against Muslim militants, a transformation caused in part by his administration's many errors since Saddam Hussein's defeat more than two years ago. The president also didn't speak candidly enough about the primary mission the United States now has in Iraq, which is not "hunting down the terrorists" but constructing a stable government in spite of Iraq's sectarian divisions and violent resistance from the former ruling elite. It's harder to explain why Americans should die in such a complex and ambitious enterprise than in a fight with international terrorists, but that is the case Mr. Bush most needs to make.

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That's right, Mr. Bush, you brought terror to Iraq and it is that terror which has destroyed over 60,000 Iraqi lives and nearly 20,000 American lives. There is no connection to al-Qaeda, except for the connection you delivered through occupation, and most likely they are merely residents who detest a foreign empire army of lies and treason murdering their men, women and children.

Imagine if China invaded the United States, for no reason, and stood around shooting civilians. Do you think there would be an 'insurgency' here? You're god damn fucking right there would be.

If you want to hunt down terrorists, why not go after actual terrorists like the ones who DID attack us on September 11th, his name is Osama bin Laden, and you've fucking failed to do anything about him - but I guess that only perpetuates your rhetoric of destroying our civil liberties for the sake of endless war. What a stupid traitor you are, Mr. Bush. Satan loves you and your work.

You have no mission, you have no point, you have only blood, corruption and lies. You are not FDR - your war is not worth the cost of one life, and you do not deserve our support, Mr. Bush.

The speech in numbers, from the folks at ThinkProgress:

* References to "September 11": 5
* References to "weapons of mass destruction": 0
* References to "freedom": 21
* References to "exit strategy": 0
* References to "Saddam Hussein": 2
* References to "Osama Bin Laden": 2
* References to "a mistake": 1 (setting a timetable for withdrawal)
* References to "mission": 11
* References to "mission accomplished": 0

Faked, from AmericaBlog: "ABC's Terry Moran just reported that the only time Bush got applause was in the middle of his speech when a White House advance team member started clapping all on their own in order to cajole the soldiers into clapping, which they dutifully did... So even the applause was fake."

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(CNN) -- Critics of the U.S. war in Iraq have condemned President George W. Bush for attempting to link the insurgency there with the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.

In a televised address marking a year since the U.S. handover of sovereignty in Iraq, Bush urged Americans not to "forget the lessons of September 11."

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All you can do is reference something unrelated, because if you referenced something related - vietnam - you wouldn't know what you're talking about. You were too high on cocaine and booze and getting abortions for your girlfriend, right Bush? You're drunk again, you stupid child, and you've driven America into a head-on collision.