Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Iraq: The center of global terror

Iraq Emerges as a Terrorist Training Ground
by Warren P. Strobel

Iraq has replaced Afghanistan as the prime training ground for foreign terrorists who could travel elsewhere across the globe and wreak havoc, according to U.S. counterterrorism officials and classified studies by the CIA and the State Department.

Iraq Emerges as a Terrorist Training Ground (Common Dreams)

Mission Accomplished, Bush. Thankfully, major operations in the country ended May 1, 2003. Luckily, our troops are dealing with the potentially twelve-year last throes of the unheeded civil war and residential uprising.

Terror Attacks Near 3,200 in 2004 Count

The Associated Press
Tuesday, July 5, 2005; 11:53 PM

WASHINGTON -- There were nearly 3,200 terrorist attacks worldwide last year, a federal counterterrorism center said Tuesday, using a broader definition that increased fivefold the number of attacks the agency had been counting.
In 2004, the counterterrorism center says, there were 3,192 terror attacks worldwide with 28,433 people wounded, killed or kidnapped.

Terror Attacks Near 3,200 in 2004 Count (AP/WP)

Bush has succeeded in bringing terror to Iraq, which did not attack America or any other country on 9/11/01, and failing the war on terror by failure to capture Osama bin Laden and the other leaders of al-Qaeda while the number of terrorist attacks have increased fivefold in the past year. The attack and occupation of Iraq have depleted military resources and made America weaker and, as testified by our leading military generals, we are less capable to respond to other threats to America should they attack us.