Thursday, January 05, 2006

Political Philosopher

My favorite political philosopher would have to be martin luther king jr. dr king understood that politics is another word for society. Politics is another word for community, for culture. However when people say politics, they are talking about washington. They are talking about a few buildings where people get together and make serious decisions that impact everyone in this nation, this world. They impact our children, they impact our society, community and culture.

In his youth, Martin did not know what his life would come to be, but he had more quesitons than answers. He was blessed with the opportunity to educate himself to find answers to those questions, and all answers only bring more questions. His society was shaped by the church. as the son of a pastor, his culture was guided by the lord and the teachings of the bible. his philosophy was filled with the healing power of faith, a respected leader of his community.

As Martin was chosen to be a leader of his community in a time of need, his political philosophy was called to action and the discovery of nonviolence was put in the forefront. Martin preached calm strength and solidarity from his porch the night it was firebombed and revenge was in his community's eyes. His political philosophy preached to love your neighbor, and his community spread their success to change a nation forever.