Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bill Galvin is Scared of John Bonifaz

It is amazing how much of a vaccuum of democracy has been created in the Massachusetts campaign for Secretary of the Commonwealth due to Bill Galvin's fear of John Bonifaz. Galvin is such a loser he can't even make public statements or speak to his challenger who only wants to talk about the issues and role of Secretary.

The below is a continuation of Bonifaz's effort to FIND Galvin, who must be hiding in a Kansas bunker with Dick Cheney... God only knows.


Bonifaz Believers,

Our search for Secretary Bill Galvin continues with the third installment of Where's Galvin? Thus far, we have visited Galvin's campaign headquarters - which turned out to be a private law firm - and called his State House office - something we were forced to do because he does not list a campaign phone number.

The result? We are still waiting for a response to John Bonifaz's debate challenge.

In the latest installment of Where's Galvin?, North Shore volunteer Janet Crane came into Boston to pay a visit to Galvin's State House office seeking an answer. Click here to view the episode in Windows or here to see it as a QuickTime file (req's Apple QuickTime 7, download here).

If you have missed the previous episodes of Where's Galvin?, you can view it in either format at Once there, you can also read the letter John sent challenging Galvin to the debates.

Elections are contests of ideas and all involved need to be accountable to voters. To date, Bill Galvin is the only Democratic candidate for statewide office that has refused to debate his Democratic opponent. As an elected official, it is Galvin's duty to debate his opponent before the voters of the Commonwealth.

Thank you for standing together with John in this exciting and vital race. If you would like to get involved with the Where's Galvin? effort, please e-mail us.

Juan Martinez
Campaign Manager

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