Monday, August 28, 2006

Hip Hop in Starksboro

Hip Hop in Starksboro
Submitted by Addison Independent on Wed, 2006-08-16 21:12.


STARKSBORO — Although most of Vermont may not realize it yet, there is a large underground statewide hip-hop movement that is about to burst forth in Starksboro this weekend.

The extent of the influence of that the urban music and cultural phenomenon has had in the Green Mountain State will become apparent on Saturday when Bristol-based Nine37 Productions and Para Bellum Media Group stage a 14-hour hip-hop jam on a farm in Starksboro.

“We’re creating a kind of summit where people can display their skills and make connections with others,” said Josef Shafer, one of the promoters of the Hip Hop in the Hills event. “This is a positive thing for Vermont, we all want to show that it is not just for city and urban areas, this can give everyone a voice — this gives young people a positive voice.”

Read the full article to read about the lineup and more details about Nine37 and how they are working for social change and giving a voice to more people. It's another way to crash the gates to build a better democracy.