Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rumsfeld blasts Democrats... oh, the credibility


One has to ask: Why do these failures still have jobs?

And then the answer comes... the republican congress. Checks and balances becomes useless under single-party rule, when that party fails to criticize itself and be accountable to wonton failures such as the Iraq war, losing to the Taliban in Afghanistan, .. well, the list continues, but there's no 'good' to report. This does not make me happy, but makes me nothing but disappointed.

Meanwhile, republicans can say nothing except that supporting democrats helps al-qaeda. Nothing like slandering your own Americans when you can't do your job! Thank god they have someone to blame, what else would they say if they didn't? Supporting Canada helps al-qaeda?

Secretary Rumsfeld's reckless comments show why America is not as safe as it can or should be five years after 9/11. The Bush White House is more interested in lashing out at its political enemies and distracting from its failures than it is in winning the War on Terror and in bringing an end to the war in Iraq. If there's one person who has failed to learn the lessons of history it's Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld ignored military experts when he rushed to war without enough troops, without sufficient body armor, and without a plan to succeed.

Under this Administration's watch, terror attacks have increased, Iraq has fallen into civil war, and our military has been stretched thin. We have a choice to make today. Do we trust Secretary Rumsfeld to make the right decisions to keep us safe after he has been so consistently wrong since the start of the Iraq War? Or, do we change course in Iraq and put in place new leadership that will put the safety of the American people ahead of partisan games? For the sake of the safety of this country, it is time to make a change.

--Harry Reid