Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More on Winning War

When several military experts called for the addition of hundreds of thousands of troops early in the Iraq War, the Bush Administration rejected the call, and instead chose to fight with a minimal force. And now, when our troops have been deployed over and over again; when almost all of our combat units at our bases at home are at the lowest state of combat readiness; and with this Administration's continued insistence to stay a failed course; it is now more obvious than ever that we can not sustain this war on its current course and we must change direction.


While the Administration stresses that we are a country at war, they refuse to spread the burden proportionately. Instead, they pursue tax incentives for the rich, run up our federal deficit, and spend astronomical sums in Iraq with little or no control over wasteful and fraudulent spending. This is not the picture of a country at war.


If we are to fight this war with the same sense of dedication and vigor as we did prior wars, we cannot do it without a surge in force.

It is unlikely that the President will call for a draft. A draft is politically unpopular. But we cannot continue to allow the President to pursue open-ended and vague military missions without a change in direction.

Rep. John Murtha

I've never served in the US Armed Forces, but I would to defend my country. However, Bush does not seem to want to win the war in Iraq, as he touts the political rhetoric reminding us we're at war as a reason to support his failed agenda. The only reason to go to war is to win - until now. Today, going to war is a boost to your ratings, as Bush bathed in the glory right after 9/11. Fortunately, America is continually awakening, and will not seem to accept perpetual war (on one front). Just as his military advisors have suggested, we need more troops in Iraq or the failure that exists today will perpetuate and more Americans will die needlessly because we simply will not succeed with the current strategy.

Murtha is a soldier and a strategist moreso than Bush could ever hope to be. But Bush does not seek the same strategy of Murtha: Murtha wants to win and bring our dying soldiers home while Bush wants perpetual struggle. This is not something a president should ever do, nor any military leader, and it only warrants his swift removal or congressional censure.